Laser Tag Anywhere – First Mobile Laser Tag Company In Wisconsin

Laser Tag Anywhere is the first company in Wisconsin dedicated to providing the best Laser Tag experience to any venue.  Laser Tag Anywhere can set up a Laser Tag course in a backyard, park, gymnasium, or just about any other location.

This is not like the Laser Tag you might have seen or played before.   First, all of the markers are real paintball markers that have been adaped to Laser Tag.  This new form of play, called Paintball-Laser Tag is the most realistic and the most fun to play for all ages.  All of the markers are then connected over a wireless communications netork into the game controller.  The game controller keeps track of all of the markers and provides real time information about hits, ammo, and player health.  This sophisticated system can be set up to provide a large variety of games and is really a convergence of video game and actual game play.

Laser Tag Anywhere is an entertainment company dedicated to delivering the best Laser Tag experience at your location or anywhere you want to play.  Located in Brookfield, Wisconsin we service most of southeastern Wisconsin.

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